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  • ICV Goods and Services:
    1) 37% of PDO spending retained in-country.
    2) Over $12 billion awarded to locally registered companies since 2012.

    National Objects:
    Over 22,000 jobs and trainings opportunities created since 2011.

    Local Vendor Development:
    1) Over one billion dollars in SLCC and LCC Revenues since 2010.
    2) $580 million worth of contracts awarded to SLCCs.

  • PDO Mobile Library:
    PDO Mobile Planetarium: An initiative by the Company which was donated to the Oman Astronomical Society (OSA) for the general public to benefit from, with full support from PDO when needed.

    Social Investment:
    Completed a number of social investment projects; Health care centre in Shaleem, Community Scholarship Program and scholarships for low-income students.

  • Daleeli System:

    • Daleeli Launched on May 12, 2016 by H.E. Al Aufi.

    • The first of its kind system engineered to streamline the process of public and vendor requests to contact PDO.

    • This integrated system will process various external requests in a timely manner.

    • Daleeli offers a valuable platform for venders to contact PDO, in addition, to PDO’s continuous commitment to support SME development.

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